Supernatural LIMS!

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Sign-Up thru Feb. 4th || Challenge 1

Another sister LIMS, run by obaona, is starting up its next round! You know the drill, right? Awesome mod, great caps, multiple caps per challenge, well-run, on time, caps given ahead of time so you can work at your own pace (in fact, the first 6 challenges' caps are up already). Hot men, hot know you want to play along. I'll see you there. :D

Go! Join! Have fun!


Also? Seems like the year's getting a slow start and not as many folks have signed up for this next round of our sister LIMS. Take a minute, please, to check out:

starwars_lims || frontier_lims

Both are well-run and attract outrageously creative makers. You know you wanna...
That sounds like a great plan. I don't want to start things up immediately anyway, since we've just had three other big lims contests begin. Staggering these things would definitely be a good idea. I think it was shadowserenity who said participation was a wee bit lower this round than they were last round for both her and oba.