Team -- Gate Guardians of the Earth

We're not dead -- and a poll

There will be a Round 5! We're discussing themes now and doing the preliminary groundwork to put together the challenges.

beeej had an idea and I liked it very much: having individual character challenges. We'd like to do this but when we started this comm, we promised to make it welcoming to SG-1 fans of all flavors by including all of the main team members in each challenge. This would be a change in that policy and I wanted to gauge how you, our members, feel before committing to this change.

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C&H -- Run For Joy

Supernatural LIMS!

likethegun_lims likethegun_lims likethegun_lims likethegun_lims

Sign-Up thru Feb. 4th || Challenge 1

Another sister LIMS, run by obaona, is starting up its next round! You know the drill, right? Awesome mod, great caps, multiple caps per challenge, well-run, on time, caps given ahead of time so you can work at your own pace (in fact, the first 6 challenges' caps are up already). Hot men, hot know you want to play along. I'll see you there. :D

Go! Join! Have fun!


Also? Seems like the year's getting a slow start and not as many folks have signed up for this next round of our sister LIMS. Take a minute, please, to check out:

starwars_lims || frontier_lims

Both are well-run and attract outrageously creative makers. You know you wanna...
C&H -- Yay!

Star Wars! Star Trek!

Long-time members of this comm know that my favorite comm mods outside of this comm are shadowserenity and obaona. They run our sister LIMS comms -- and two LIMS are open for sign-ups RIGHT NOW! There's plenty of time to sign up and make your icons.

They're truly our sister communities: they have multiple caps for each challenge & the caps are posted well ahead of time. The comms are well-run with timely mods and attract lots of stunningly talented makers.

Sign-Ups Open thru Monday Jan 24th || Challenge 1 || Caps are already up for the first 7 challenges
starwars_lims draws its caps from all of the movies, the comics, & video games.

Sign-Ups Open thru Monday Jan 31st || Challenge 1 || Caps are already up for the first 10 challenges
frontier_lims draws its caps from all of the series and all their movies.

I can't say enough positive things about these comms and their mods. I've been spoiled for all other LIMS.

Go! Join! Have fun!
Janet -- Gorgeous Smile & Twinkling Eyes

Voting: Round 4 // Challenge 13

My sincerest apologies for the delay in posting the vote; I was unavoidably detained at a family event.

WELCOME TO THE FINAL VOTING! There are two sets of icons for voting this week. Finalists may NOT vote.

  • You must vote twice, once in each set of icons. For each set, you will choose your least favorite (the entry you consider to be of lesser quality in technique) and your favorite (the entry you consider to be the best).
  • You must provide a reason for ALL of your votes.
  • How to Give Good Concrit by obaona. Please remember that you are judging on technique shown in making an icon. Voting should never be based on your personal character, pairing, or team preferences. "Text is ugly" is not a constructive comment; "Text is too formal for an icon that is humorous," is.
  • Whether an icon fits the week's cap theme is irrelevant and should not be used as a basis for voting.
  • Only the votes complying with the above rules will be counted.
  • If you have any questions at all about what qualifies as a constructive comment or any other topic, please don't hesitate to contact either beeej or me. You may private message me here on LJ at any time.

Code to copy & paste into a comment for voting:

For a further look at the voting rules, see this comm's user info. Please remember anyone can -- and is encouraged to! -- vote. Comments are screened.

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Voting concludes Thursday, September 30th , 8PM Central Time. (Click here to convert to your local time.)