New Concrit Community

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First concrit meme open now!

There's a new concrit comm in town! I'm one of five mods and we're hoping to turn this into a thriving, lively place to come and get your honest feedback to help improve your work. But wait! There's more:
  • Challenges to inspire creativity and instead of voting, we offer concrit. Like a LIMS but without eliminations and structures so that all participants receive feedback on every entry. These will happen every two weeks. Stay tuned for the first challenge which will be posted soon, May 7/8!
  • Master Classes: Monthly, we'll have a workshop focused on a single skill presented by a maker known for particular talent in that area. First up will be wickedgrdn, writing about that skill almost every icon maker fears: text.

All concrit communities MUST have member participation and this one is no exception. Please join us! Join us in helping each other improve.

p.s. We're slowly making progress on finalizing cap selections for Round 5 and will be opening the next round soon. YAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!!!
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