We're not dead -- and a poll

There will be a Round 5! We're discussing themes now and doing the preliminary groundwork to put together the challenges.

beeej had an idea and I liked it very much: having individual character challenges. We'd like to do this but when we started this comm, we promised to make it welcoming to SG-1 fans of all flavors by including all of the main team members in each challenge. This would be a change in that policy and I wanted to gauge how you, our members, feel before committing to this change.

Poll #1709722 Individual Character Challenges
This poll is closed.

Which best describes your response to having individual character challenges?

1. Hell yes! I'd love it. I'd be more likely to participate.
2. Cautiously positive. Sounds okay but it isn't a make-or-break for me.
3. Don't care either way.
4. I'd rather have multiple characters in each challenge but I'd still play along.
5. I'm here because of the existing format. I'd be less likely to participate if you decide to do it this way.
6. I absolutely would not participate if you had individual character challenges.

If you chose options 4, 5, or 6 in Q1, is there some way we could alter the proposal to improve your opinion?

Do character challenges of 2 or 3 characters including new & old team.
No, I'm just not interested in the idea.
Yes, and I'm going to tell you about it in the comments.

Thanks for the feedback!
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It's good to be forced to stretch our wings. It's why I play at LIMS. The team challenge is something that's special for SG-1, which truly was a team show.

So far the response is generally positive for the character challenges. Still, I want to be sensitive to all our members. Since our format allows multiple caps per challenge, I think there's a way to accommodate virtually everyone, perhaps even those who never want to make an icon of Character X.
Character X is my very fav. Let's have a challenge dedicated only to X!!! He hasn't been iconned much. (making fun of me since I am a Barrett girl and he gets no love at all I don't even have a good icon of him - :D)